How Regular Blogging Can Help Your Business

More than ever, online businesses must stay at the top of the chain of the internet to get more views…

More than ever, online businesses must stay at the top of the chain of the internet to get more views and interactions, while remaining relevant to their audience. Consequently, the need to do so in a dynamic, yet affordable manner arises.

Blogs are not only a way to keep your customers informed about your business, but they are also becoming a highly effective marketing strategy, with upwards of 80% of companies reporting that they use blogging to acquire new customers.

Keeping your business current and innovative while staying within your budget is an ongoing task for any business. However, it is especially critical for small businesses who need to make an impact. Blogs are useful not only to show customers the latest products and updates but also to show them the human side of the business. This is to show the person behind their favorite shops.

Businesses that blog also keep their brands current and top of mind by staying up with search engine results and algorithm changes, which help boost visits and sales. For small businesses, maintaining a relevant brand is a day-to-day task, and a successful web presence is invaluable. Maintaining contact with your customers by blogging is a cost-effective way to keep them informed.

More ways a blog can help your business:
  • Show customers new products
  • Bring new customers in
  • Keep business up to date on search engines
  • Tutorials to highlight the uniqueness of your business
  • Show the personal side that keeps customers loyal

Are you wondering how to get started blogging? This is your first time blogging? Fear not! There is usually a “Blog” area on most websites or website builders where you can start. The process is easy and fun, plus it can really show how unique you and your business are. Many of your favorite brands probably have their own blogs, as there are many examples of blogs on the internet. Consider what you enjoy reading about and seeing from these brands, and then make a list of what you can do based on that. 

Tips for Optimizing Blog Posts:

  • Keep them eye catching for readers who may skim. Some people don’t have the time to read everything they want, so make sure to keep posts interesting.
  • Engage with your customer base in your posts.
  • Add interviews and frequently asked questions to help keep customers in the know about you and your business.
  • Add reviews to show you are in demand and good at what you do.
  • Events or conventions should always be at the top of the list. Customers love engaging one on one and in person and love to see their favorite shops in real world settings.
  • Give customers a behind-the-scenes look of your business and can be of interest to many different kinds of shoppers.

Ready to Start Blogging?

First you will need a seamless, affordable website that looks and feels incredibly professional. Get in touch for that 😉

Being able to create your own website gives you freedom to share exactly what you want the way you envision and it also allows you to customize and update at your own pace. Saving money and getting a great value for your money is one of the top priorities for businesses big and small.

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